Book Review: I Am The New Black

Posted on November 11, 2009

tracyx-largeTracy Morgan is outrageous. His life is beyond belief. Here are the people who should read his new book:

-Anybody who is well off. Morgan discusses extensively what its like to grow up in the ghetto in New York. I grew up near some pretty nuts poverty, but this was a real eye opener for me. If you’ve seen ‘The Wire’, you should still read it.

-White people. He won’t make you feel guilty, but this is a great account of what its like to be a black man making his own in a white world.

-Parents. If you are a helicopter parent, go ahead and read this and realize that your child could still easily be a success without you doing everything for him/her, in fact you are probably doing a detriment to you child if this is the case.

That’s all I got. I definitely reccommend this book. I read it in 2 hours yesterday in Books-a-million, so its a piece of cake. If you read it for nothing else, it is worth it for the first 3 pages (after the introduction) where Morgan offers the best explanation of the Vietnam war that I have ever heard. If you are looking for true tale of improbable rags to riches, and you feel like laughing a lot, then check out “I Am the New Black”.


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