Searching for Sodahead13

Posted on January 14, 2011

Many greats have gone on to produce their masterworks, only to disappear or fade into obscurity. Bobby Fischer stunned the world with his chess prowess and racism. JD Salinger produced works that encapsulated a nation of dudes who aren’t really sure what they were doing. Sodahead13 flashed onto the scene long enough to give us a ‘taste’ of his talents, removing his videos, a victim of his own twisted genius.

By all accounts, Sodahead13 was the greatest youtube poster in the history of the medium. Only 5 videos were ever posted and they all followed the some general outline. He would turn on the camera, flex his muscles, yell ‘Ye-yuh’ and would chug a beverage. Generally it was soda, but in one video, ‘for his friends’, he tries to chug a Rolling Rock.

We were all fans of Sodahead13, but then one day he just disappeared.

There are a couple things we know about Sodahead13, although his identity remains elusive. First, he is a Giants and a Yankees fan. He also may or may not have a Superman tattoo on his left arm. He is super ripped.

I had considered trying to track him down, but I am lazy. But, sometimes the story of extraordinary men counts on extraordinary helpers. It seems a youtube user by the name of MisterScumBag had the foresight to download the collected works of SodaHead13. So, here they are:

However, since this Sodahead13 Renaissance, I have found a couple more videos that I had not seen before. One depicts Sodahead13 getting in over his head, trying to chug a beer.

The other is a shout out to his high school friends, and people he has met since then. He slams a Mt. Dew in true Sodahead13 fashion.

Sodahead13, if you’re out there, please come back. The world needs more of you.


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  1. toofs on January 19th, 2011 5:19 am

    it’s just for his friends man!! Screw off, internet people.

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