Protect Your Computer From Searches and Seizures

Posted on June 27, 2011

Once again, if there is any group right now that is firmly doing the right thing, I believe it is the Electronic Frontier Foundation. They are steadfastly doing everything they can for you to use electronic devices freely, fairly and privately. Their most recent publication is entitled ‘Know Your Digital Rights’. From their blog post:

“With smart phones, tablet computers, and laptops, we carry around with us an unprecedented amount of sensitive personal information,” said EFF Staff Attorney Hanni Fakhoury. “That smart phone in your pocket right now could contain email from your doctor or your kid’s teacher, not to mention detailed contact information for all of your friends and family members. Your laptop probably holds even more data — your Internet browsing history, family photo albums, and maybe even things like an electronic copy of your taxes or your employment agreement. This is sensitive data that’s worth protecting from prying eyes.”

If you get pulled over and the police want to see your phone, what do you do? In what situations do you give out what information? Wonder no more.

Here’s their 1 page pdf

And here’s the full guide online.


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