Okay don't knock flyers, they're useful. Take this one for example. This client owns a Title and Escrow processing company. She wisely sponsored the first race that ever ran across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge. Why was this wise? Consider the demographic. The people who run a half marathon tend to be upper middle class and between the ages of 21 and 55. That's right, homebuyers.

The point of this flyer isn't necessarily to sell them on the idea right then and there. Seriously, who is going to open up their race packets, see this flyer, and go "Oh man, we should definitely use Absolute Title when we buy a house." No, the purpose is more subtle than that. Time for a little science!

In a study a while back, some participants were told to look at a list of names. That's it. They didn't have to memorize them, they just had to read them out loud. Then they came back, two weeks later, and looked at a list of names and were told to mark those which they thought were celebrities. What do you know but the participants were significantly more likely to judge any of the names that they had seen two weeks previously as being the names of celebrities, even if they didn't remember a single name! That, dear reader, is why we create flyers.

Flyer for the Woodrow Wilson half marathon