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Full disclosure, Marcin is a fraternity brother of mine. He's also an aspiring video game designer. I've been working for him since the beginning, and have really helped him out. While he spends his weekends programming, he also does two updates a week. Let's look at the changes that I helped him implement from when he started to his time now.

New Blog

The preceding link is his first post on his hosted blog. He used to work on a blogspot blog, but not only could he not host his game, but it just wasn't professional. Look at that wall of text. Marcin has a great writing style, and obviously has a lot to say, but he doesn't really get formatting, readability and SEO.

Now let's see what it looks like a month later, after he's released the Alpha of his game:

Mid Week Update Time!

Wow. Much better. Whether or not you care about anything he wrote, your eye probably scanned over more text. You probably felt a lot more compelled to keep reading didn't you? I'm not going to tell you my tricks, because that's why you're going to hire me. What I will tell you is how we implemented these changes.

Everything was done step by step. After each post, I would read over it and I would go 'Great. Much better. For the next one, we're going to do [this]. If I were to have told him everything, I guarantee you his writing would have suffered. My job, as a consultant is to make these things second nature to you. By taking it step by step, you'll learn all the features of good web writing without having to think about it every time. Think about when you learned to type on a keyboard. If you tried to do it all at once, that would be a recipe for disaster. Once your fingers know where the 'a' key is, then you can move on to the next one.

I'm not done with GBM Productions yet, I'll keep this page updated as well.

Okay, here's an update: GBM Productions was recently featured in the industry on-line magazine, Rock Paper Shotgun. Big Deal! Yeah the game had something to do with it but they wouldn't have gotten the link if it hadn't been for some solid, organic traffic.